Jan 16, 2021

Websnap Recap January 2021

Changes we introduced to websnap in January of 2021

New Wait parameter

We recently introduced a wait parameter allowing you to delay the capture of your snaps by a certain amount (in ms). For example, if you want the image to be taken 1 second after the page has loaded, add a wait=1000 query parameter. This is quite useful for pages that take a little longer than usual to load or feature some lengthy intro animations.

New Hidden parameter

Taking clean screenshots is even simpler now! The introduction of the hidden parameter allows you to hide any section of your page you do not want to be included in the screenshot, for example cookie banners. Add a hidden=.cookie-banner to your query parameters to hide all sections with a class of cookie-banner in the screenshot.

Read the details about these new parameters in our docs section!